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Mr. Chang Feng Hao

Hoo Chin Electronics. Co. Ltd

Dear Supporters,

I have been in an electronics business since day one and have never changed my passion for Technology and Electronics. During the start of my career I started as an Employee for Kolin Electronics (Taiwan), after 8 years and multiple experience I decided to open my very own company to fulfill my dreams.

Hoo Chin Electronics, started in 1998 and since then I have put all my heart and soul in managing this company. Moreover, through the years of our client’s trust and the heart of our employees we have now become as efficient as ever, and at the same time maintain the high standards of quality.

However, our dream is to create a name for Hoo Chin Electronics and become a worldwide electronic company where customers can place their trust and go on an unbelievable journey with us.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for the opportunity and support along the way.