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Company Background
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About Us

Company Background

Hoo Chin Electronics Found in 1998, is a custom wire harness and processing wires. With advance engineering equipment, wire manufacturing technologies and excellent management abilities. This often leads to high praises, trust gaining and recognitions from our customers.

Since the very beginning Hoo Chin Electronics has always been highly focusing on high quality products and meeting customers’ expectations on either our products or services. Our main clients include Delta, Mitsubishi, Electrolux, Sharp, Hitachi, Sony, and other world-class corporations. We are very committed to maintaining a close and cooperative relationships with customers, and by doing that we provide them with top class service and assistance.

Our Company specializes in wire harness, wire processing, miscellaneous cables and power cords product assembly. All to match the needs and expectations from customers.





Obtain ISO- 14001 Environmental Management System

  • Waste reduction, energy conservation, environmental friendly, avoid engaging in hazards activities, products and services.
  • Firmly abide by the environmental laws and regulations, continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
Our mission
  • High commitment and loyalty to our customers and suppliers as partners to establish a long -term mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Meet the growing market demand and expand the capacity of production.
  • Our employees are the most important asset in the company. With the combination of employee’s education and various training we push try to push them to the brink to meet their absolute full potential.
  • Staff motivation and excellent teamwork also plays a huge role in the company.